Dino Game

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Despite millions of new game titles being released every year, there's one that would never go out of trend: Dino Game. Simple yet incredibly addicting, the game attracts children and adults alike, blowing your mind as its pace and difficulty levels gradually increase!

This article will lend novices a good overview of this amazing Dinosaur game. Keep scrolling for more surprises and gameplay tips.

What Is Dino Game? Some Interesting Facts About Its Origin

An Overview

Dino Game (sometimes called "Chrome Dino") was introduced 9 years ago, in 2014; its major goal is to help millions of users kill time when no Internet is connected.

More specifically, this game was built and developed into Google Chrome - a web browser distributed by Google Corporation. The rule is extremely simple: players have to guide their character - a pixelated dinosaur - across a vast landscape and help it avoid all obstacles on the way to get higher scores.

Back then, the game didn't work well for older devices, prompting the developers to upgrade its codes for another re-release three months later, in December. Aside from cacti, pteranodons and other objects were eventually included as the game's main obstacles in 2015.

Three years later (2018), Google added another feature to help players save their score records. You can also find Dino's source codes on Chromium sites.


Google's T-rex game enjoys massive popularity and recognition, with about 270 million players on board each month. Its addictiveness is no joke; at some point, the company even asked its enterprise admins to disable Dino, saving school kids and even full grownups from obsession.

The secrets behind Dino's positive reception are not hard to understand, really. There are many reasons to fall in love with it:

Easy Gameplay

Nothing is easier than learning Dino's rules. All you have to do is to keep the T-rex running straight ahead without running into obstacles. Even a 3-year-old child can nail it in no time!

Compatibility with All Devices

No matter what hardware specifications or operating systems are at play, you can indulge in the game without hassles.

That's a huge advantage compared to even some of the highest-end titles on the marketplace, which only work with certain software/hardware platforms.

No Internet Required

Much to our displeasure, the Internet and WiFi are not always accessible. Dino Game becomes the only choice available in those cases - and a good one, thankfully!

Nostalgic Feel

Its no-brainer gameplay and retro graphics reminded many players of classic titles several decades ago. Anyone loving old-school vibes will inevitably be drawn to it.


One of the most distinctive charms of Dino Game is the scoring system, motivating you to outperform both yourself and other players. Challenge-seeking individuals often find themselves immersed in it for hours on end.

Stress Relief

Quite surprisingly, millions of people count on the Dino Game as a great method to relieve anxiety or stress. Dino's repetitive and familiar control movements can be quite soothing and assuring, luring negative thoughts away.

Interesting Tidbits of Dino Game

  • Unbeknownst to some people, the dinosaur actually has a name, "Lonely T-rex."
  • In earlier development stages, Dino's codename was "Project Bolan" - a nice tribute for Marc Bolan, T-rex's lead singer.
  • Why the dinosaur concept? Apparently, having no Wifi or internet is comparable to living in prehistoric ages.
  • Are you a fan of the famous series The Simpsons? Dino Game was mentioned in season 34's opening segment, 'Habeas Tortoise".
  • Despite the huge number of gamers, we haven't spotted anyone who can beat the game without cheating or hacking. And it's unlikely to happen soon, according to Google.
  • The game maxes out at 17-18 million years - the ancient period when dinosaurs were still walking on Earth. No computer spacebar could work the same afterward once players reach this level!/li>

How Should You Play The Dino Game?

Though Dino is straightforward, many beginners might still need a comprehensive walkthrough of the game's basic elements. Let's get into it:


Once you navigate to your Google browser without the Internet (you can even turn off the Wifi yourself, if needed), it will display a small, black dinosaur on the white screen.

Start the race by pressing the keyboard's up arrow or spacebar. The dinosaur will jump right away, lurking forwards under your control.


Even if you release your fingers off the keyboard now, the T-rex will keep moving automatically. Here comes another important task to focus on: guide the dinosaur to leap over dangerous cactuses by hitting the up-arrow key.

Further runs mean higher scores; run as far as possible! Once the T-rex hits a cactus (or any obstacle, like a bird in the sky), the game will stop.

Challenges in Dino Game

At first hearing, you might shrug and think the game is ridiculously simple. But things are not as easy as they sound!

  • Cacti on the road are endless. Touch JUST ONE, and all your hours of effort are in vain. There are no extra lives or save points to help you return to previous stages, either.
  • Do you think you only have to face one cactus at a time? No! Sometimes, players might have to run over four or five cacti in just one go. Worse, their distance and sizes are not even similar.
  • The pace will increase faster and faster as you go further. Without quick reflexes and good calculation, there's no way you can adapt to its neck-breaking speed.


Dino's HI section allows you to monitor your best, most outstanding performances so far:

  • First number: your all-time highest score
  • Second number: your current score (while you are playing)

Once players get 99,999, Dino will reset automatically and return to zero. But except for hackers and cheaters, no one has been able to step to that level yet!

Other features are also available, intended to provide you with optimal gaming experience:

  • Name changing: Change your character's name to personalize your adventure.
  • Muting/unmuting sound: Some might find the sound effects (ex: the T-rex's footsteps) distracting or annoying, while others believe they can spice up the thrill. Feel free to adjust their volumes to your heart's content.
  • Zooming in/out: Flexible size adjustments can support your vision better, enabling you to detect signs of obstacles waiting ahead.
  • Taking screenshots: Why not capture your impressive score/funny moments and share those pictures on your social accounts? Competing and connecting with your friends add more to the fun.

Smart Tricks to Earn High Scores with Dino Game

Winning the game is clearly impossible. But at the very least, these helpful tricks can help your scores rise far higher than all your peers!

Hop or Jump Early

Our all-time favorite method is to make the jumps a little early, as it will give the T-rex enough time to bounce over the obstacles. Do not wait till the cactus is extremely close; you will risk colliding with it!

Some upgraded Chrome browsers include both pterodactyls and cacti. In that case, the same rule also applies to them.

Avoid Ducking (Unless It's Absolutely Needed)

Pterodactyls attack you from both the air and the land - which means your T-Rex must hop/jump to avoid those on the ground and duck down to sidestep the ones above. Or at least, that's what the game wants you to do!

But to our surprise, jumping alone is enough to dodge both running and flying reptiles. Hence, our best advice is to NEVER duck and mess up your movements - unless the reptiles fly too low.

Imagine The Dino Was Unmoving

Okay, we know this trick might sound challenging. After all, the dino is always running; how can we imagine it does not move at all?

But it's worth a try. If you tell yourself the T-rex is standing and the obstacles/landscapes are the ones that are moving, your gameplay and control will get significantly better. Staying on your spot while ducking oncoming obstacles sounds easier than dipping, jumping, and running simultaneously, don't you think?

Most players with record-breaking scores have counted on this fantastic strategy. Want to attain the most insane score possible in your entire gaming life? Follow their footsteps now.


Can You Make The Dino Run Forever and Have An Endless Score?

Yes, although that beats all the purposes of the game: to relieve stress and have fun. Refer to this hacking guide and turn your T-rex immortal.

Can You Hack and Turn Dino Into Another Character?

Yes - great news for fans of Mario, Naruto, or even Batman. These guidelines will tell you the know-how.


Our article has explored the Dino Game in depth. Seeming like a brainless game at first, but it is more demanding than one would think. Remember our tips above to score your victory!