2-Player Dino Run

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What is the 2-Player Dino Run game?

As you may know, this is a running game for 2 players. You and a player will control two dinos running at the same time on a computer. In specific, your screen will be divided into two parts horizontally. There are two tracks for these two dinosaurs. The obstacles are also arranged differently but have the same difficulty.

Each player controls one dino and controls it to overcome deadly obstacles in its track. The first player uses the W and S keys while the second player uses the up and down arrow keys to navigate his own dino.

Compete with friends in the 2-Player Dino Run game on the same computer. In this running game, the one who is the last survivor is the victor.

Release date: This 2-player running game is developed in 2022.

Features of the game

  • This is the advanced version of the Dino Run game which just offers one player. The two-player feature in this game will make people more excited thanks to the feeling that I'm better than others.
  • Before you and your opponent start the game, there is a simple instruction to play for you. Notice to know how to play.
  • After the competition ends, the game will announce who is the winner.
  • The feature of turning on and off music is available. Press the speaker icon to turn it off or on.