Angry Gran Run

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About Angry Gran Run

What is Angry Gran Run?

This game is an endless running game about an angry granny trying to escape from agents. Run the Miami streets as far as you can while avoiding the obstacles.

Undeniably, her escape skills are very good. However, in addition to the agent's pursuit, she ran into trouble when there were many barriers and obstacles on the way. Will she run away from the agents? Are you ready to accompany her on this thrilling journey? Run, jump, glide, and slide through tons of different obstacles. Don't forget to collect gold coins along the way like in the Survival Express.

Developer and release date

This running game comes from Ace Viral which is a game development company. It has been launched in 2013 and has the latest updated version in 2023. So, this game has been out for 10 years.

Instruction to control

When you start playing the game, it has an instruction for you. However, I have an overview of this instruction below:

  • Left arrow key = turn left
  • Right arrow key = turn right
  • Up arrow key = jump
  • Down arrow key = crouch
  • Press the A key = move left
  • Press the D key = move right

Interesting features of the Angry Gran Run game

  • The game offers a lot of different characters: granny, boy, panda, astronaut, alien, and many other interesting characters. The more special and rare the character, the more money you spend to unlock it.
  • The game has no level limit, so it will exploit your potential. The more you play, the better your playing skills. Of course, the higher your score.
  • The character will run on the streets of Miami. There are many different and interesting obstacles. You can see robots running on the street, vehicles, and clotheslines. Even wild and dangerous animals appear.