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Are you male or female? This is not important when you participate in this multiplayer game. This entertaining game will give you great entertainment moments. Especially, you can access this arcade game easily. Access it on our Dino Game website and write your name. That's all you need to do to start experiencing the game!

Basic Rules In Aquapark.io

Participate in Aquapark.io to enjoy an interesting multiplayer running game. You try to win by being the first to get to the swimming pool in the game.

Because this game is for multiplayer, you will have to compete with other players. This will bring fun and excitement to the participants. Now, let's start with the rules of this game!


Welcome to Aquapark.io which is a water park with entertaining and eye-catching water slides. Your goal in this game is to carefully slide yourself on the water slide with the aim of reaching the swimming pool. In addition, you'll compete against other players to advance to the top spot. Can you master the slides and get to the top of the leaderboard in this game? Other players can push you off the track, and vice versa. In order to reduce the distance, you are able to slide and also leap from the upper waterslide to the lower waterslide. However, it is really difficult, so be cautious every second. If you are looking for new similar games to relax, Doodlr.io will be suitable for you.


Use your MOUSE to move.

Your character can automatically move and change direction when encountering bends. However, if you want to push your opponents or jump off tracks, you need to slide your mouse. Your character will also move in the direction of the mouse movement.

Developer and Released Date

Aquapark.io was published by Voodoo on Tuesday, Jun 11, 2019. Voodoo is a famous game publisher for outstanding games like Planet Bomber, Twisty Road, and Bumper.io. Since its release, this game has captivated millions of players thanks to its engaging competitive gameplay and easy controls. All ages can play this competitive game to enjoy their spare time.

The Aquapark.io game can be played on many different platforms, especially Android. The characteristics of this game are the most suitable for the android platform. It has been rated very highly on platforms such as 4.1/5 in Google Play and 4.6/5 in App Store. Those are very admirable achievements.

Some Notes When Playing This Game

This multiplayer game has no levels. The number of matches is endless. You can play the Aquapark.io game over and over again until you get bored.

Besides, it is completely free and safe on our website. The only task is to compete with other players. Note that you may face bot players. It is easy to destroy these players. However, it is challenging to overcome all these players. You need to make sure to reach them before they run to their destination. Despite the complexity of the player, the Aquapark.io game is still considered one of the most attractive video games in the online gaming world.