Arena Angry Balls

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As an action-trending player, you have to take part in Arena Angry Balls immediately. Transform into an angry ball and push other players away from the arena.

Battles in the game

Arena Angry Balls is considered a battle of the angry balls. In specific, 8 players will participate in a battle in the appearance of balls. Each player has the responsibility of controlling his ball colliding with other balls to push them out of the arena. So how to push successfully and be the only one standing in the arena? You use the left and right arrow keys to navigate the direction of the ball. Conduct crazy collides with others to kick them out. Sometimes, there are some useful items appear such as shields and weapons. Collect and use them to have a better chance to win. After getting the champion position, let's check out Push My Chair and Baldi's Basics.

The game's features

  • Multiplayer mode
  • Easy to control with arrow keys
  • Attractive graphics and sound effects