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About Backrooms

Welcome to Backrooms which is one of the most well-known horror games recently. Let's take part in this game to conquer as well as to seek thrills.

Instruction to play

The horror theme always arouses people's curiosity in the real world. Humans are always afraid of the surreal and unpredictable. Come to the horror game Backrooms to find thrills and practice your courage. The game is designed with the context that you are lost in a completely unfamiliar place where there are many strange rooms and corridors. All have a gloomy yellow color and bring a horror atmosphere like in the horror movies you often watch. Your goal is to escape from this demonic place. However, this place is no different from a deadly labyrinth because there are many unexpected monsters that will attack you. Therefore, it is required you move lightly to explore all corners of this place to find pieces that will help you escape from here. If you encounter monsters during your exploration, running away is the best choice for you. In addition, you can also find some useful items to help you escape from the clutches of monsters. Wish you success in escaping from this horror house!