Baldi's Basics

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When mentioning school, we often think about a great and safe place for people to learn and develop, especially children. However, if the school one day becomes a place with horror elements, how is it? Baldi's Basics is a great online survival game and the perfect place for you to experience this environment. Be patient and this game will completely satisfy you.

About Baldi's Basics

Baldi's Basics is a horror game set inside a creepy school. In this game, you must solve puzzles to collect 7 notebooks before incurring the professor's wrath.

The rule

Your close friend in the school has asked you to go to a local school to help him find 7 notebooks that he has forgotten. When you arrive at the school, you encounter a professor named Baldi. Baldi is trying to stop you from taking all 7 notebooks. He will give you difficult puzzles and ask you to solve them every time you open a notebook. If you answer correctly, Baldi will give you a reward. On the contrary, if you cannot answer the question correctly, you will incur his wrath.

Refusing to take this action is not possible because you will not be able to get the notebook if you do not participate. Are you ready to join? Remember that you should collect various items around to increase your stamina. Let's ready to use your arrow keys and mouse to play right now. If you want to play other kinds of games, Crossy Road, Short Life, and Bad Ice Cream will be great recommendations for you. Have a great time!

Some useful items

There are a lot of useful items which will assist you to complete your task:

  • A candy bar: This can help your game character's stamina from falling for a short time.
  • A soft drink: Other characters in the game can be knocked out by using this item.
  • A pair of scissors: this can temporarily disable some obstacles.
  • A teleporter: This item has the benefit of placing the player in a random spot in the field.

History of Baldi's Basics

American indie developer Micah McGonigal under the pseudonym Mystman12 created this game in 2018. Besides, this horror game about the school theme parodies the educational games of the 1990s. Lousy graphics and similar themes are factors that reflex this. In addition, this game can be played on all platforms including Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Features of the game

  • Although this game is about a horror style, there are no blood images or deadly views. Therefore, it is completely suitable and safe for all people of ages to play and experience.
  • This is a first-person game, so players will have a more real experience as you are in this game.
  • Full-screen mode is also available for you in this game. With the feature, you will have a better experience.
  • One thing that is indispensable in this game is the sound effects. With a horror school theme, its sound effects also provide players with more excitement, nervousness, and worry.