Basketball Master 2

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About Basketball Master 2

Basketball Master 2 is ideal for all player who enjoys sports, particularly basketball. Join this sports game now and get a great score.


There will be three stars in every level of Basketball Master 2, which you should try to collect. The game will become more interesting and challenging as you progress to higher levels. In addition, don't forget to participate in additional games like Rocket Bot Royale, Dino Game, and Soccer Skills to diversify your gaming experience.


In Basketball Master 2, you must throw the ball to the target by dragging and releasing the mouse, despite the fact that you are not in control of the basketball players. Aiming is necessary to ensure that the ball travels the best path possible and ultimately lands in the basket. Either try to avoid colliding with the obstacles or make use of them.

However, it is not easy to accomplish this objective because Basketball Master 2 always has obstacles ready to prevent your success.