Basketball Stars

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It's time for amazing basketball battles in Basketball Stars. Throw the ball in the basket of your opponent to score and become the new basketball star in the sports world.

About Basketball Stars

The rules of Basketball Stars

It can be said that the gameplay of this sport game is really similar to a real basketball competition. In specific, participants in basketball battles try to score and whoever has the highest point will be the winner.

Two roles of player

When entering a sporting battle in Basketball Stars, you must be responsible for two roles. You are both the pitcher and the ball stopper. When your opponent holds a ball and tries to throw it into your basket, you are a ball stopper. You have the task of preventing the ball, so your opponent cannot score. In contrast, you are a pitcher when you take a ball in your hand and conduct amazing ball throws to score. Wish you have great point!

The modes of the game

The Basketball Stars game offers two modes including one-player, two players, and Quick Match.

One Player Mode

True to its name, you will combat another opponent in the basketball competitions. You can choose to conduct the battle in the Tournament or Random Match. You are simply able to take part in the Training to have a simple instruction about basketball battles.

Two Players Mode

In this mode, you control two players at the same time. Your left hand will control a character who is the pitcher while your right hand navigates the character who has the duty of a ball stopper. Trying to both score and prevent the ball by yourself is a difficult task. Let's experience it!

Quick Match Mode

When you choose to play in this mode, you will automatically connect with other players in the world and compete.