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As a sports lover, you cannot miss the BasketBros game. Get ready to throw the balls into the basket to score goals and become a professional basketball player.

The mission of players in BasketBros

Players participating in this basketball game will have to perform two tasks at the same time. One is to prevent the opponent from throwing the ball into his basket. The second is to try to score by throwing the ball into the opponent's basket. Specifically, when your opponent holds the ball, you have to run to prevent him from moving forward and robbing the ball from him. When the ball is in your hands, run quickly to the position of the opponent's basket and throw the ball. Throwing the ball in the basket will help you score a point in this basketball game.

The opponent will also prevent you so that you cannot move toward his basket. Therefore, make a smart strategy to cheat the opponent and approach the good position. Play Quick Games Or Enter A Tournament are the two options that the game offers. If you want to practice this game, Quick Games will be a good choice for you. Conversely, if you want to compete with other players, choose a tournament.

Nice features of BasketBros

  • Inviting friends to play and compete with them is an interesting feature of this game. See who is the better basketball skills.
  • The customization feature in this sports game is also great. Choose a music player and choose a costume to make your character more eye-catching.
  • Do not forget the interesting gameplay along with easy control. Let's use your WASD hoặc arrow keys to play.