Blob Opera

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Get ready to make great opera music with worms in the Blob Opera game. Learn to perceive sound and create a perfect combination of opera music.

How Blob Opera works

Are you a musically gifted person? Whether your answer is yes or no, come to the game Blob Opera to compose and perform opera songs yourself. In this game, 4 worms with great opera singing abilities are on a journey to perform opera songs around the world. Help them create unique and interesting opera music. Using a computer mouse to stretch the body of these worms so that they make sounds. The longer their body is stretched, the louder the notes they emit.

Features of this interesting game


The graphics of this game are designed with characteristics quite similar to the Elastic Man game. The body of the worm can be stretched and molded without fear of any damage. The worm's eyes will follow your mouse every time it moves.


Depending on the player's skill in music, different opera tracks are played. You can invite friends to enjoy your opera music or record it. After that, you can share it with everyone.