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Collect blocks and build platforms in a multiplayer game called Bloxd.io. Perform parkour skills while trying to outrun your opponents in this game.

What is Bloxd.io?

This game is an interesting combination of the io game genre and the famous Minecraft game. When participating in this game, you can not only enjoy the fun of Minecraft game, but you can also compete with other players.

This exciting game offers players multiple game modes such as BloxdHop.io, DoodleCube, EvilTower, Peaceful, and CubeWarfare. Each game mode has its own mission. Entering a certain mode, the target will show on the screen. Play and complete all the objectives of each mode for the best experience. Remember that your goal is not only to complete the mission but also to overcome other players.

Interesting features of the Bloxd.io game

  • The game is in the io genre, so you can experience the game with many players from all over the world.
  • By pressing enter on the keyboard, you can join the discussion with other players. Follow the conversation in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Multiple game modes with different objectives are available for you to enjoy.
  • Earn gold and other valuable items to buy upgrades like speed boost, double jump, etc.