Bob the Robber

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About Bob the Robber

Let's transform into Bob, a thief in Bob the Robber to steal from the wealthy to give to the poor. You will be able to steal from the wealthy and donate to the less fortunate if you are able to pick locks and commit burglaries. Stealthily progress through each level, accumulating wealth while attempting to avoid detection.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Space bar to attack the guard.

How to Play

You will face challenges such as closed doors, hostile guards, and other obstacles. Stealthily progress through each level without causing any alarms. Keep your cool around the security cameras and don't let the guards see you unless you want trouble. The level will be considered a failure if you are caught.

In addition, you are able to attack guards, but you have to do so at the right time. Additionally, you can disable lasers to evade detection, gain entry through door locks, and ultimately steal as much as possible.

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