Body Race

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About Body Race

Take part in Body Race to play a fantastic running game about fitness. In the game, you navigate a girl to run and choose choices to have the best health.

Body Race is designed with interesting gameplay when players take part in a race about the healthy lifestyle theme. Specifically, there are many different foods such as fruits, vegetables, and high-calorie foods. Besides, weight loss aids such as jump ropes and sledgehammers are also provided on the track. You will race on this track and try to reach the finish line in a healthy body condition. To be able to win the game and have a healthy body, you will need a balance between eating and exercising. Good luck! Moreover, on our website, you can also try some exciting games such as Happy Wheels and Dino Run.

How to play

In this game, you will move on the road with many types of food. However, food is divided into 2 categories, these are healthy food and fast food. Healthy foods are vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. These foods make you healthier and can also lose weight in a healthy way. Every time you eat this food you will lose 10 pounds. Its opposite is fast food. There are some kinds of fast food like sandwiches, coke, ice cream, and so on. These foods make you gain weight quickly and also harm your health. Let's choose suitable food for your health.

Your task in this game is to move on the food road and keep the weight that the game requires. You need to strike a balance between healthy and fast food. You will start the race with a weight of 50 kg. The game has the required weight number in the right corner of the screen. You must reach the finish line with a weight equal to the required weight of the game. If you have more or less than the required weight, you lose.

How to control: Use the mouse to control your character.

Interesting features of the game

A wide variety of food and exercise equipment is available. You will have access to foods that range from healthy to unhealthy. Eating vegetables helps you lose weight healthier. On the contrary, eating fast foods and soft drinks makes you raise your weight and has a bad effect on your health. Thanks to this game, you can find a reasonable diet.

There are many levels in Body Race. You will move to more challenging levels after reaching the end of the track. This game requires you to complete a race while keeping the weight that the game requires. Can you overcome the attraction of food and pass the game? Play and have fun.

The game brings moments of entertainment and education about a healthy lifestyle. An educational game that tells you which foods are good and which are not. You must know the balance between foods and keep a reasonable amount of calories. Are you ready for the challenges in this game?