Car Makeup

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If you are a creative person, play the Car Makeup game to decorate a car in your style. Compete against another player to see who has the highest score.

The rule of Car Makeup

The gameplay of this car decoration game is very simple. You and another player will decorate two cars with the same basic appearance. Two cars will move slowly on a road. During the move, you will decorate the parts of the car by painting different colors according to your interest. When the car reaches the finish line, your car and that of your opponent will be scored by the system. Whoever's car has the higher score will be the winner. Are you ready to show off your decorating talents as well as your aesthetic sense?

Some more information about Car Makeup

  • Developer and release date: This game belongs to bestgames.com which is a game developer and is released in August 2022.
  • Features: The feature of this arcade puzzle game is suitable for all people of all ages and genders to play.
  • Controls: Use your mouse to play the game.