Cowboys vs Robots

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Transform into a cowboy and fight against legions of evil robots in a shooting game called Cowboys vs Robots. With a gun in hand, let's see if you can defeat a large number of robots.

The objective of Cowboys vs Robots

Your village is in danger when a large number of evil robots come and invade the village. You are a talented cowboy and the only hope of the whole village. Stand behind a solid defense and shoot deadly bullets continuously at those robots. Don't let these evil robots get past your defense, or you will lose. After you defeat an attack of robots, prepare to fight against a new more dangerous attack of the robot army. Can you become the hero of the village or a failure? Let's find your answer. Anyway, after you completely eliminate all robots in this game, let's check out the Drive Mad game.

Tips to play Cowboys vs Robots

There are many types of weapons for you to use to defeat robots in this game such as guns, arrows, etc. You can use the ice gun to freeze the robot and then use the regular gun to melt the robot's ice blocks. Use your weapons skillfully to defeat all enemies. Besides, you can also unlock many new weapons in this shooting game.