Crossy Road

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About Crossy Road

Take part in Crossy Road to experience the popular games of Hipster Whale company. Avoiding vehicles to cross roads and collecting all coins are your objective.

Instruction to play

Welcome to the game Crossy Road first created by Hipster Whale in 2014. In its early days, the game did not bring much buzz in the gaming world. However, after the game was released more versions on other platforms, the game became one of the most loved games.

Your mission in Crossy Road is to assist the game character across various roads to get home by evading traffic, jumping over logs, and sidestepping trains. Let's use the arrow keys to direct the chicken. If your character is struck by a vehicle, your mission will be terminated. You may also come across coins while crossing. Collect it to get access to new and fascinating personalities. Anyway, if you want to play more exciting games, we suggest Short Life, Mad Day Special, and Drift Hunters.