Cubes 2048.io

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About Cubes 2048.io

It can be said that Cubes 2048.io is one of the most interesting arcade games recently. This game is a combination of classic 2048 and snake games.

Description of the game

As I said above, Cubes 2048.io is considered a combination game of 2 classic games 2048 and snake game. Of course, this game also has the characteristics of a combination of those two games. However, there are also parts that are not the same. Let's learn about it. First, you will control a cube with the number 2 at the start of the game. Your task is to control that cube to collect other blocks to become bigger and longer. This feature is completely similar to the gameplay of 2048. Besides, you can also eat other players who are smaller than you or have a smaller score than you like in the snake game. It's interesting, isn't it?

The game has many great features, some of which are:

  • Cubes 2048.io is easy to control with the mouse
  • The multiplayer feature will make you feel more competitive as well as challenging.
  • Sound effects as well as sharp graphics catch the attention of players.