Dino Hunter

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Dino Hunter is an exciting dinosaur game in which you will play the role of a dinosaur hunter. Will you become the predator or the prey of the dinosaurs?

What is Dino Hunter about?

In this game, you are tasked with destroying the most ferocious animals in history. You will go to their living place where is the mysterious and unspoiled Jurassic Island to destroy them.

Before starting to set foot on the island, choose your weapon. In the Menu, you can see 3 choices for your weapon. Select one among three to start your thrilling hunting journey.

Kill all dinosaurs in each level

There are a total of 12 levels in this game. Each level has a different task. It is shown in the left corner of the screen when you are playing that level. Specifically, you must destroy all the dangerous animals required in a level to win.

However, these animals can attack and kill you so you need to take flexible actions. You should avoid attacks from those animals and attack them from behind. Pay attention to your HP bar and run if your HP bar is low.

In short, Dino Hunter is a fun game and a perfect game for you to entertain. Don't miss this exciting dinosaur-hunting game. Also, there are many other fun dinosaur games that you may love like Rio Rex and Pixel Dino Run.