Dino Run

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About Dino Run

Participate Dino Run to play and rescue a little dinosaur from natural disasters. Your task is to control the dinosaur to run and overcome all the difficulties.

Step back in time to ancient times, a baby dinosaur is living happily with its herd. Suddenly, a meteorite fell from the sky and destroyed everything. Natural disasters such as tornadoes or volcanoes are constantly occurring. Let's help the dinosaur to survive these disasters. Use your arrow key to navigate the dinosaur away from the tornado behind and avoid obstacles like wormholes, wooden stakes, rocks, etc. The dinosaur must continuously run non-stop. If you stop for a moment, the tornado behind will swallow your dinosaur. On the run, there will be a few useful glowing things. Let's collect it to strengthen your dinosaur. Will you succeed in rescuing the dinosaur? Good luck! After you succeed in this duty, let's start with Stickman Hook and Dinosaur Game.

Developer and released date

PixelJAM Games and XGen Studios developed Dino Run and released it on April 30, 2008.