Dinosaur Game

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Dinosaur Game is a classic running game that never goes out of hot. In this game, you will control a dinosaur running in the desert and jumping over the cactus.

Welcome to Dinosaur Game which is considered the legendary 2D arcade game.


As soon as you see this picture, you can recognize this game immediately because this google game is really iconic. It is a significant game based on the operation of the T-rex dinosaur. The Dinosaur Game is not just an ordinary survival game but it is also a memorable game that has left millions of players with wonderful entertaining memories.

Play Dinosaur Game Now With Simple Rules

When you enter this T-rex game, you will encounter the image of a dinosaur in an endless desert. Help the dinosaur out of this desert. Your task is to support the dinosaur to overcome the barriers on this journey, namely the thorny cactus. All you need to do is observe, estimate the distance and time, then click or tap for the dinosaur to jump over the cactus. The gameplay is quite simple and easy to understand. However, this no internet game is quite challenging when the speed of the dinosaur runs faster and faster while the deadly cacti appear more and more. How far can your dinosaur go? The answer is in your hands. Play to prove your ability as well as entertain yourself.

How to control: You can control your dinosaur easily by pressing the UP ARROW key, the W keys, or SPACEBAR to jump.

More Information For You

This dino game is considered one of the most loved in the video game world. Its favorite index is up to 96%. It is a positive and admirable number.

Now, let's take a look at the history of this running game.

  • It is published and developed by Google for the Google Chrome web. This game will appear when the internet connection is not available. 2014 is the time when players can play this game for the first time. After that, there are many other game versions.
  • With this endless game, you can play on web browsers. In particular, there are many websites that provide you with this game to play it comfortably. For example, you can play it on our Dino Game It is an unblocked version for all ages.
  • This game has been reviewed many times. All players appreciate this game for its engaging and addictive gameplay. You will want to control your dinosaur character running on these infinity roads to get the highest scores.
  • The highest score is 999,999. When you reach this high point, the game will replay and return to 0. However, achieving this admirable achievement is difficult because of many difficulties. You will face many cacti of various sizes. Besides that, the cacti have different spacing. You may have to jump repeatedly to escape the terrifying arrangement of cacti. The next challenge is speed. The further you run, the faster the game increases.

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