Dinosaurs Merge Master

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Welcome to Dinosaurs Merge Master which is a casual game in which you build a strong army by merging dinosaurs and warriors. Test your army's strength by defeating enemies.

How to play Dinosaurs Merge Master

In the game, the tribes are in conflict with each other. The two sides decided to create matches between their powerful warriors. You play as a brave warrior who is also one of the participants in the battle.

Your mission is to train the dinosaurs. After that, you cooperate with them to join this battle. While you are fighting with your opponent, your dinosaur is also fighting with your opponent's dinosaur. Defeat your opponent to gain gold coins and move on to the next round. You will take a battle with stronger warriors of other tribes.

Control: Drag the left mouse button to play

Interesting features of the Dinosaurs Merge Master game

Travel to new lands

When you win all opponents, you and your dinosaur will become undefeated in that area. So what are you waiting for without moving to new lands and continuing your conquest journey?

Unlock new dinosaurs

There are many powerful and ferocious dinosaurs waiting for you. Use gold coins or combine two dinosaurs together to unlock a new one. With its strength, you can easily defeat weak enemies. In addition, you can also upgrade your warrior in the same way.