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Get ready to step into the DinoZ game to set out to rescue the scientist from the dinosaurs. Collect weapons to kill dinosaurs to complete the goal.

The background of the game

The dinosaurs that were being tested in the laboratory suddenly woke up. They have kidnapped the world's genius scientists to a dangerous forest. You are tasked with rescuing the scientist and bringing her back safely. Are you ready to start this rescue journey?

How to play

In this game, dinosaurs have set up a lot of traps and enemies to stop you. You have to overcome all those traps to rescue the hostages. Specifically, you have to collect weapons along the way and destroy its army of dinosaurs. After eliminating that army, you will fight directly with the tyrannosaur. In case you are attacked by the dinosaurs, you will lose. In the left corner of the screen, you will see an HP bar for your character. If that HP bar runs out, it means that your character is killed. Therefore, you need to carefully dodge enemy attacks. Have fun!