Doodle Jump

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Some things about Doodle Jump

Take part in Doodle Jump to enjoy one of the well-known jumping games. Jumping from platform to platform to reach higher and higher is your goal.

The mission of the game

As I said earlier, your goal is to help Doodle jump as high as possible. In order to complete this task, Doodle has to jump from platform to platform. If your character jumps in the air, it will fall down the air and the game is over as the result. To experience the game Doodle Jump, tap "play" to join the game immediately. Use the left and right arrow keys to jump left and right. In addition, Dino Game and Aquapark.io are some other interesting games that you can try.

There are 3 types of platforms

  • Broken Brown Platform: If the Doodle jumps on these platforms, they will break and the Doodle will fall.
  • Green Platform: Doodle jumps onto these platforms to gain momentum and jump even higher.
  • Green platform with springs: When you jump on this platform, the springs will assist you to jump higher than normal.