Drift Hunters

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About Drift Hunters

Play Drift Hunters to enjoy one of the most exciting 3D drifting games. In the game, drive your car at the high speed to explore all the tracks.

How to play the game

As a player who loves speed games, don't miss it Drift Hunters. When you join this game, first you have to choose for yourself a great car. Additionally, you can tweak some of the vehicle's features and features to your liking in sections including Cars, Parts, Tunning, Visuals, and Options. After that, let's start your journey to drift the car after you choose a map for yourself. Show your driving skills by using the arrow keys and leaving the wheel tracks. After conquering a race map, let's move on to the more difficult race area to challenge your drifting skills. In addition, there are some speed games you might like such as Dinosaur Game and Dino Run.


Drift Hunters was developed by Ilya Kaminetsky and can be played on all platforms.