Drive Mad

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About Drive Mad

Welcome to Drive Mad to experience one of the most interesting driving games. You drive a car over the different tracks and get to the finishing line.

Drive Mad is one of the standout games from Martin Magni company. The game is designed as a dangerous driving race where you have to drive a car on a dangerous track on water. Similar to Geometry Dash and Slope Run, this track is not flat and stable. Sometimes it breaks down and parts of the track are made like an unstable wood bridge. Your goal is to drive that car through all the challenges and obstacles to reach the finish line. In addition, it is also important to balance the vehicle so that it does not flip over. Therefore, when you first start the game, you should control the car to move slowly to get used to its operation. Experience many thrilling and creative stunts and obstacles and let us know your ability.

How to play

Your task in this game is to complete the distance and reach the finish line. You control different vehicles and complete the distance. On this road, obstacles can be bridges, broken roads, or even your car. Sometimes you will have to move on rope bridges, these bridges have unstable structures. So it is easy to deflect your car and plunge into the river. On the flat road, sometimes even broken bridges appear. These bridges appear unexpectedly, requiring you to go at very fast speeds to cross them. When you go at a slow speed, the car will not generate enough momentum to push and you will be whipped into the river.

In addition, your car is also quite a challenge. At each level you will be driving a different car, you will not know what car before you play. Sometimes you will be driving a small truck, this vehicle has round wheels and fast speed to help you easily overcome challenges. However, sometimes you will also have to drive a car with square wheels or a long car. Long cars will make it easy for you to overturn when going uphill, so you need to control yourself with great care. Square cars make you move very slowly, when you move too fast it can lead to the vehicle flipping. You have to make sure the 4 wheels of this car rotate quickly with the same frequency to be able to move quickly without tipping over.

How to control

  • W, D, X, Up arrow, Right arrow, Mouse click to Steer forward
  • S, A, Z, Down arrow, Left arrow to Steer backward

Play the game on several level

You will have the opportunity to conquer this game on many levels. You need to complete the challenge to be able to unlock the different levels. Each track in different levels is different. Sometimes you will have to face brick walls, arc tracks, and so on. You will not know what you have to face until you play. What are you waiting for without playing this game? Play and have a great time.