Eggy Car

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Get ready to transport an egg through dangerous hills so that it stays intact in the Eggy Car game. Be careful because eggs are very easy to break.

How the Eggy Car game works

Eggy Car is a hill-climbing car game where your task is to control a car carrying an egg. Of course, the game isn't just that easy. That fragile egg must overcome dangerous uneven and rocky roads. This means that the egg is prone to bouncing and bouncing off the car. Don't let the egg drop or break if you don't want to end the game early.

Collecting gold coins during the journey is essential. It can help you with a few things like upgrading or buying a new car. Of course, the new cars will be more beautiful and less bumpy. As a result, you can go further and collect more coins.

More interesting things about Eggy Car

  • The rules of the game are as simple and straightforward as the Tunnel Rush game.
  • There are no limiting factors in this game. In particular, the cartoon-style graphics and child-friendly will make you especially relax.
  • Sound effects are also a great part to help you increase your excitement when playing games.