Elastic Man

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About Elastic Man

Elastic Man is a fun arcade idle game for everyone to relax and have fun. In this game, you can do anything with an elastic face like drag and pinch his face.

The gameplay of Elastic Man is straightforward and can be played by anyone. There are no chores to do in the game and you are free to do whatever you like. Simply move and manipulate the character's face by using your mouse to click and drag to play this game. Besides, you just simply release your grip on the mouse will return the face to its previous elastic state.

Stretch the skin up, down, and to the left or right while pinching the cheeks of the face. There is nothing you cannot accomplish. You can release the face while toying with it to observe how the skin returns to its original state. No matter how much you alter a character's appearance, it always goes back to its original state.