Feed Grimlock

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Feed Grimlock is a fun arcade game in which you are tasked with feeding Grimlock. Within 60 seconds, the more you feed Grimlock, the higher your score.

Design of the Feed Grimlock game

This game is designed in Lego style. Therefore, its graphics look like robots. On the right of the screen, you can see a dinosaur named Grimlock. This is also the character that you need to feed. You will control Decepticons and shoot them toward Grimlock on the left side of the screen. Also, at the top of the screen, you'll see the timer, the score, and a few other things.

How to play

You will feed Grimlock within 60 seconds. Can you complete your mission in such a short time? The Decepticons will automatically jump above the firing area. Your task now is to adjust the angle and speed to shoot the Decepticons so that Grimlock can eat them. Hold the left mouse button and perform this task. After each time you feed the Grimlock dinosaur successfully, it will change its posture. It is harder for you to feed the dino character.

Comment about the game

Many players commented that the gameplay of Feed Grimlock is very simple. However, it is more difficult than any other arcade game. To be able to give Grimlock is an extremely challenging thing. Let's see if you have the same feeling about this game or an exception.