Friday Night Funkin'

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Welcome to Friday Night Funkin' to take part in the best music rhythm game. You choose great songs and impress your girlfriend in the game.

The gameplay of Friday Night Funkin'

You have a beautiful and great girlfriend, but her father feels you are not suitable for his daughter. In order to get his attention, let's impress him and your girlfriend with a battle of amazing rhythm. Your opponent in this rhythm battle is your girlfriend. Specifically, when the song runs, there are a lot of arrows that appear. For each arrow that appears, you will press a corresponding arrow in the keyboard from WASD or arrow keys. In addition, the journey to impress your girlfriend's dad and your girlfriend will take place in 7 weeks. Each week there are 3 pieces of music for you to show your skills. Conquer all the rhythms so that people have a different view of you.

The mods of Friday Night Funkin'

The game offers so many mods for players to enjoy. On average, the game releases a new mod in some days. Therefore, you can experience the mods without worrying about duplication and boredom. Besides, this game is unblocked so that everyone is able to play everywhere from home to school. Remember that your aim is to conquer rhythms as well as your girlfriend and her father. Have a great time!