Geometry Dash

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Geometry Dash is the first game in the series game of geometry and also an ultimate running game. Let's control the cube to run as far as possible.

The Geometry Dash Series

This game is the first version of the Geometry Dash series. This series of games is extremely popular with a huge number of versions.

This running game series is developed based on the Cocos2d engine by Rob Top Games. Founded in 2014, Rob Top Games has developed many popular video games such as Geometry Dash, Geometry Lite, and Geometry Dash SubZero. These games are all popular in the video gaming world.

In addition, this series of games also scores among players thanks to its easy access. You can use many different platforms to play this geometry game. There are many famous platforms.

  • Android
  • Microsoft Windows
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone
  • Mac operating systems

Even this series of games is highly appreciated across platforms. For example, 4.7/5 in Google Play, 9/10 in Steam, and 4.5/5 in App Store are the achievements of this entertaining series.

Attractive Gameplay With Various Movements

Like Dino Game and Slope Game, your mission is to navigate a running cube on unstable and dangerous terrains. Run and jump over these obstacles and challenges to run as far and get high scores. The game will become more and more difficult and challenging as the terrain appears with more and more obstacles and the running speed of your cube gets faster and faster. However, don't worry about those problems. With a little patience and practice, you will surely conquer Geometry Dash one day.

When playing this online game, you can experience the uniqueness of the characters. Each character has a different way of moving. Therefore, you need to understand the movements of the characters before conquering this platform game. For example, you can roll with the Cube character while the Ship character can only fly. Diverse ways of moving will also give you a better experience.

Interesting Features Of The Game

Game Modes

Geometry Dash offers 3 game modes including Stereo Madness mode, Back on track mode, and Polargeist mode. All three modes have their own interesting characteristics as well as difficulties. Experience all three game modes for the best moments.

Game Characters

There are many characters in the game including a cube, ship, UFO, Robot, and wave. Each character has different characteristics and abilities to suit different terrains. These characters only appear if you reach a certain level.

Multilevel With Different Level Of Difficulty

Geometry Dash has many levels and these levels will become increasingly difficult. The higher the level, the higher the difficulty of the game. You will face more obstacles and dangers. Therefore, you should play from low level to high level to prepare the necessary skills to progress to high levels.


The Geometry Dash game is suitable for all ages. However, it is challenging for kids because this game is difficult to navigate through the obstacles. If you play this running game with your kids, it will be a great way to improve children's reflexes. It's good for their brain development.