Geometry Dash Lite

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About Geometry Dash lite

Geometry Dash Lite is a fantastic part of the Geometry series games. Let's experience the high-speed running gameplay while dodging traps and gathering coins.

Geometry Dash Lite game was just released not long ago but has become one of the hottest online games. The gameplay of this game is quite similar to the previous parts where the player must control a cube to avoid collisions with obstacles and collect useful items on the track. However, as the advanced version of Geometry Dash, of course, the game has brought players an unprecedented great experience with new features. First, you will have the opportunity to experience up to 7 playable characters including Cube, Ship, Ball, UFO, Wave, Robot, and Spider. Each character will have a special ability and you will be able to control them when you reach a certain level. Besides, a variety of obstacles and new game modes are also added. What are you waiting for without joining, discovering, and putting your name on the leaderboard of the new version right now?