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Get ready to play the Hangaroo puzzle game where you will try to guess the words based on the hint of the game. Use your knowledge and conquer this game.

Hangaroo information

The Hangaroo puzzle game is designed to be very simple but full of fun. Specifically, your task in this game is to find hidden keywords based on the game's suggestions. You will guess each letter to find the final keyword. There is only one keyword suggestion for you to guess. In addition, when you guess each letter for the hidden keyword, you are only allowed to guess wrong less than 4 times. If you guess 4 times wrong, the kangaroo character will be hanged and the game is over. Are you ready to experience this game? Anyway, if you want to play a more exciting game, try Prison Life or SoniK Run.

Features of the game

  • The game with simple gameplay but attracts players. In addition, this puzzle game also gives players the feeling of wanting to conquer.
  • There are hints in this game. This section will help you find the next letters of the keyword. However, you can only use a limited amount in one play.
  • The characteristic of this type of puzzle game is that there is no limiting factor. Therefore, whoever you are, do not hesitate to play right away.