Happy Wheels

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About Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a driving game that is based on ragdoll physics. In this game, you will have to control a person in a wheelchair moving on deadly terrains.

When you join the Happy Wheels game, the first thing you will do is choose your character from the characters provided. Whether you choose for yourself an old man or a young woman, the common point of the characters in this game is that they are all in a wheelchair. Your mission is to help him or her through the dangerous terrain and find the way to the finish line at all costs, even if seriously injured. It appears to be an easy task, but in reality, many players must quit after the initial stages. Your character head can make full contact with the impediment. When your character is hurt, blood will flow out. The more injuries you sustain, the more difficult the game will get if you continue to play. If you find this game interesting, why don't you check out Tunnel Rush and Aquapark.io.

Features of Happy Wheels

  • This game provides a lot of obstacles and dangerous terrains.
  • Players can create their own custom scenarios.
  • The game is easy to play and has interesting graphics with a person in a wheelchair.