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About Hobo

Coming to the Hobo game, you can have a completely different experience by acting like a drunk and causing trouble throughout the city.

This game is completely different from the gameplay of other games such as Dino Game, Getting Over It, and Minecraft Classic. Let's start and enjoy in your free time!


As you move around the city, start fights at random with other homeless people and residents. Some of them will attempt to attack you first while others will simply be people going about their business. You need to pursue them as though you are absolutely furious. Let's act like you are completely insane if you want to avoid being attacked.

You will encounter a variety of people as you move through the various parts of the city. When you continue your journey, you will be exposed to new and unpleasant pairings. You are free to spit, kick, punch, spit up, and engage in a wide range of other unpleasant behaviors. In order to find out, you'll need to play the game!