Jetpack Joyride

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About Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is a thrilling discovery game with a treasure hunter in which you are trying to explore the secret laboratory and collect gold coins.

Labs are often places where scientists research and create great products that help society. However, there was one laboratory that was completely different because it was a secret laboratory filled with gold coins. As a treasure hunter, knowing of its existence, you cannot miss this opportunity. Use your jetpack to break into the lab and steal them all. Of course, stealing these treasures will not be easy because it is full of scientists and dangerous traps such as catapults, rockets, and lasers. Therefore, be careful to avoid those barriers. Fly as far as you can while attempting to gather as many coins as you can. Additionally, you can use a few boosters like Profit Bird, Shield, and Speed Boost which will be very helpful to you during the game. Also, don't forget to visit Dino Run, Slope Game and Geometry Dash after this game.

How to play


In this game, you will break into a laboratory and steal coins. Your task in this game is to get as many coins and survive as long as possible. You need to destroy the laboratory staff and escape the attack of the gas breasts in the laboratory. Are you ready to play this exciting quest? Join and have great moments in the game.


In this game, you will control your character and break into the laboratory. Your character will move forward automatically, you click on the screen to make your character fly. You destroy all the staff in the lab and collect coins. In the process, you will face countless challenges. These challenges are obstacles that appear unexpectedly. You must have very sharp eyes and good reflexes to escape these obstacles.

How to control: Use the mouse to control your character.


Some of the obstacles that you face in this game are flaming blades, laser beams, and bullets.

  • Fire guillotines are the default obstacle of the game, it appears throughout your journey. These fire guillotines appear in many different locations on the map, some guillotines have the ability to rotate affecting your movement speed.
  • Missile bullets will appear unexpectedly on your way. They will fly at a fast speed towards you so you have to pay close attention.
  • The lasers are the hardest challenge of the game. Sometimes these lasers appear singly, sometimes they appear in groups. These lasers form lines across the screen that make you die as soon as you touch it


This game has simple gameplay, but it is not easy to achieve a high score. There are some tips we recommend for you.

When facing unexpected rockets, don't worry, these rockets usually fly at the same height as you so change the altitude. In addition, before this bullet reaches you, the game will have a small warning to pay attention to these warnings to not be attacked by surprise.

Before the lasers are activated they will appear as dim rays, you must immediately change the flight altitude so as not to lose.