Lands of Blight

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It's time to enter the Lands of Blight game to travel to a dangerous land and participate in a deadly battle. Let's see if you can escape and eliminate all moving skeletons or not.

The context of Lands of Blight

You play the role of a brave warrior in this game and are on a journey to explore the legendary dead land. Starting with the outer area of the land, nothing dangerous and strange happened. However, you were attacked by monsters and skeletons while going deep into that area. They appear more and more and surround you on all sides with the aim of eliminating you.

The mission of the Lands of Blight game

What will you do in the event of being surrounded and attacked from all sides? Your task is to find the gap in that siege and move around to avoid their attack. Besides, you should also attack these dry skeletons to gain experience and level up like in the Vampire Survivors game. You can unlock a random power-up as you level up in the game. It will help you destroy more monsters and skeletons. Moreover, you can attack chests to unlock surprising awards. Have a great time!