Mad Day Special

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About Mad Day Special

Mad Day Special is a fun mix of driving, shooting, and rescue. In this game, your mission is to fight against aliens and rescue your pet. Have a great time!

Aliens are invading the earth. You and your pet live peacefully in a small village and separate from this war. However, the war with aliens has come to your abode and the aliens have kidnapped your pet. You decide to join the fight against the aliens and rescue your beloved pet Octopus Fluffy. Drive your fully armed off-road vehicle and start the game. Kill all who stand in your way and collect useful apps along the way. The road is very dangerous because you can collide with bombs and other dangerous things. That's why you have to be careful every moment. After successfully rescuing your pet, don't forget to visit Duck Life, Temple Run 2, and CyberDino: T-Rex vs. Robots.

How to play

X or up arrow key to rocket