Mine Cart Noob

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Enter Mine Cart Noob to transform into Noob and conduct amazing jumps when sitting inside a shopping cart. Gliding through a steep hill thanks to a cute cat and conquer the game.

The design and gameplay of the game

Welcome to the Mine Cart Noob game which is considered one of the most popular Minecraft games recently like Parkour Block 3D. Come and relax on the journey of performing unique jumps and collecting as many gold coins as you can.

When you start performing dangerous and amazing stunts, be sure that you first must wear a helmet to protect your life. After that, an animal character of the game will help you to glide through a steep hill by pushing your shopping cart. Your cart now will move with a speed totally out of the ordinary and then aerial stunts will be conducted. When the cart is on the ground, it will still move and collect coins on the road. Let's use your mouse and arrow keys to show your skills and win the game.

Some interesting notes for players to have greater experiences

  • The game offers players a lot of great things to upgrade their abilities and items in Minemarket. Use your gold coins after a level to upgrade and earn more.
  • There is a progressive bar on the top of the screen which allows you to know how far you get on the road. Let's use your skills and smart strategies to be able to get further than the previous levels.
  • Simple but attractive graphics as well as its gameplay will get the attention of players during playing.