Naruto Mini Battle 2

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About Naruto Mini Battle 2

Play Naruto Mini Battle 2 to take part in the bloody battle and become the strongest character. You are required to fight as a team and attempt to win the game.

You will transform into a character from the Naruto anime show and engage in combat. You need to use a number of strategies at once if you want to outnumber your opponent.

How to control


  • YHGJ to move.
  • A to choose an opponent.
  • A to punch.
  • Z to kick.
  • E to collect.


  • Arrow keys to move.
  • 2 to choose an opponent.
  • 2 to punch.
  • 3 to kick.

Game Modes

There are two distinct game modes in the game, including 1 Player and 2 Players. You will be in charge of your own character while the computer is in charge of the other in the one-player mode. You can select the two-player mode if you want to play with two or more people.

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