Papery Planes

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Have you ever folded paper airplanes and played with them as a child? Now you can experience a new journey with a paper plane in the Papery Planes game.

What is the Papery Planes game?

This game is an arcade game with interesting gameplay. As we all know, the paper airplane can usually only fly for a short distance. Different from real life, the paper airplane in this game is always flying. However, if it collides with any obstacle, the result is that its flight ends there. Therefore, your task is to support this paper plane to avoid obstacles on the way. Control the plane left, and right, and fly under the stone gates to pass it. Along the way, there are a few useful things you should collect. They are gold coins and magnets are used to attract gold coins.

Graphics of Papery Planes

The game has simple graphics with a paper plane, an endless flight path, and stone obstacles. The flight path contains dangerous and varied obstacles. It is also designed diagonally, so it is difficult for players to estimate the position. Finally, the paper plane will fly along this diagonal flight path.