Parkour Block 3D

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Take part in Parkour Block 3D to experience a 3D parkour game with the Minecraft style. 35 unique levels are waiting for you to come and conquer them.

Description of Parkour Block 3D

In a special space, there are many platforms arranged in a broken line to a purple space portal in the air. The ground is full of lava. If anything falls down into it, it's sure that there is nothing. When starting to play the game, you as a game character will be transferred into this special space. You are standing on one of these platforms. Your aim is to escape from this strange space by going through the portal gate. This is the only way for you to go away from this place. If you don't move, you will lose your life due to the shortage of drink and food.

In order to succeed in escaping, you need to show your ability in parkour to jump from platform to platform. If your character falls down into the lava, you lose the game as a result. There are 35 portal gates you need to go through. Pass these 35 levels, you can come back the normal life. Let's get ready to conduct amazing parkours and conquer this 3D platform-based game. If you like to enjoy the kind of parkour game, you might try Noob Parkour: Snow Age.

Some notes for players

  • The levels in this parkour game are more and more difficult. For example, at the beginning of the game, platforms in a level just stand in a position. However, it will be more challenging as they become moving platforms.
  • This game is now unblocked everywhere. Therefore, you can play it anywhere or play it as many times as you want.
  • Use your mouse to look around and look down when you are jumping to conduct parkour jumps easier.