Pixel Dino Run

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Welcome to Pixel Dino Run which is an exciting running and jumping game of PowerSlash Studios. Let's see how far your dino can get in the deadly desert.

How the Pixel Dino Run works

A small dinosaur with a Pixel design running in a deadly desert. This desert is so-called because it contains dangerous prickly cacti. Anything that touches them will not survive. You are responsible for controlling the jump of the dino so that it does not collide with the cactus. The dino can only run in a certain straight line. Therefore, the only thing you can do is help it jump over obstacles. Click the left mouse button and tap are two controls you can conduct to complete your task. The higher your score, the faster the dino runs and the more Cacti appear. Therefore, stay focused and careful for the challenge ahead.

Comparison between Dino Game and Pixel Dino Run


It can be said that Pixel Dino Run is inspired by Dino Game, the first version released by Google. That's why, all the features that Dino Game has, this game also has. The way the game works is completely similar to Dino Game.


This running game is no longer monotonous with a black-and-white design like in the first version. This game becomes beautiful and vivid when its graphics contain many colors. Let's enjoy the green of the cactus, the yellow of the desert, and so on.