Prison Life

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What do you know about the life of a cop and robber in a prison? Do you want to know more about it? Prison Life will be the perfect game with the prison theme for you to experience this life.

The missions of the game

Welcome to Prison Life which is a Cops vs Robbers game. Your goal in the game is to escape the prison as a robber or keep the prisoners in as police. When you enter the Prison Life game, the first thing you have to do is choose your character's role. There are two roles including robbers and police. Each role will have its own mission. Let's know more detail about each one.

As a robber

You play a role of a dangerous robber who conducted hundreds of thefts. Unfortunately, you are arrested and now in the best prison in the world. Your aim is to escape from this prison. Therefore, you have the responsibility of using the WASD keys to control your robber and discover the prison. Discovering every corner of the prison to make a great plan to escape. To pick up items and drop them off, you use the E and G keys. Be careful with the police because they will see you every time and don't let you run away. After running away from prison, don't hesitate to conduct many thefts in Rob The Robber and Rob The Robber 3 to enhance your reputation of a dangerous robber.

As a police

When you choose your character role as a police, your duty is similar to the real police. In this game, you have to keep robbers in the prison forever. These robbers are so dangerous and always find a way to escape. Don't let them conduct successfully in this aim. You hold a gun in your hand and prevent every robber who has the intention of running away. As a result, you will become brave police and be appreciated by your boss.

Some interesting information about Prison Life

  • The game provides a chat section for players to discuss together. As robbers, they can talk about how to escape from this prison. This is effective group work to complete your aim. In contrast, the police can discuss and give a plan to prevent the activity of these robbers.
  • There is a leaderboard which is located in the right corner of the screen. This leaderboard allows you to know who is the best player.
  • You as a robber can choose yourself a prison. Besides, you can visit the skin shop to buy many skins.
  • The multiplayer feature gives you a more real experience and the feeling of competing.