Push My Chair

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Have you ever thought about what you will do after graduation? The answer is countless. However, before you get a job, it's sure that you will experience an extreme battle to get this job with others who have the same thinking. The reason is that there are a lot of people seeking a job but the position for this job is limited. It can be said that the Push My Chair game may describe this situation. Are you ready to enter Push My Chair to take part in an exciting office battle? Your goal is to use your weapon to push your opponent out of the office. Let's come and get the champion position to get the things you want.

Description of Push My Chair

There is an office that often happens the extreme battles in this world of Push My Chair game. This office organizes a lot of battles to find new members. Because this office is so well-known and all aspects that people there have are the best. You and a lot of people from all over the world signed up to take part. The one who is the winner of this battle will be the official member of this office. It's sure the game satisfies you.

How to play

When you as a participant enter this game, you will see yourself sitting on different office chairs and your hands holding different weapons. When the game starts, you will move the chair and use your weapons in order to push your opponents out of the office. Let's use your arrow keys or WASD to continue to defeat one by one to be the first participant left in the office. As a result, you become an official member of this office. In contrast, if you have been pushed out of the office, you are eliminated from the game, of course. Besides, if you like this game, Retro Bowl, Baldi's Basics, and Murder can be on the list of your favorite games.

Weapons and chairs

There are a variety of weapons in the game. Almost weapons in the Push My Chair game are familiar and safe furniture such as Fire extinguishers and water guns. Players completely choose what weapons they like freely. However, it's better if you own one which is a great thrust because it can push your enemies farther. In addition, the chairs you sit on also have a lot of different kinds. You can change from office chairs to another if you like.

Game modes

The Push My Chair game offers two game mods including one player and two players:

  • In the one-player mode, you take control of a game character and will enter a battle that has a lot of opponents from all over the world. Your goal like I said earlier, pushing others successfully out of the area and become the only player left.
  • In the two-player mode, you will navigate two game characters and enter the two different battles. It's sure that this mode game has the more difficult level. How can you win both two competitions while participants and what happens in both are different?