Red And Blue Ball Cupid Love

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Welcome to Red And Blue Ball Cupid Love to enjoy an interesting puzzle and adventure game with a love theme. Let's connect the love of the red and blue balls.

Information of Red And Blue Ball Cupid Love

Are you ready to be a cupid in this Red And Blue Ball Cupid Love game? You are responsible for controlling two blue and red balls to collect love pieces. Specifically, you control each ball to collect half of the heart that has the same color as the ball. After you have collected half of the love piece, navigate the ball to the required location.

To control the remaining ball, adjust the control button on the screen to the color of the remaining ball. Use your mouse to perform this action. Similar to the first ball, you control this ball to collect the other half of the heart and reach the required position where the first ball is standing. After the two balls stand in the same place, you have officially become their cupid.

How to control two balls

When playing any game like Gulper.io or Slope Game, players need to understand how to control the playing character to be able to conquer the game easily. Players use the left and right mouse buttons to move two balls left and right. Press the up arrow key to make the ball jump. Finally, to switch the control from one ball to another, use the mouse to rotate the controls on the screen.