Retro Bowl

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About Retro Bowl

Welcome to one of the most famous football games called Retro Bowl. You will participate in a soccer competition and try to win the championship in this game.

Rules of play

The Retro Bowl football game has the same rules as the actual soccer competition. Players try to kick the ball into the opposing team's goal to score points. If the ball enters the goal, your team will score a point. When the player is the keeper, his job is to keep the ball out of the goal. In this case, if you put the opponent's ball in the goal, the opposing team will score one point. The team with the most points will be the winner. As a football fan, Retro Bowl will be a perfect game for you. In addition, we have a few other great games that we would recommend to you. They are Mad Day Special, Minecraft Classic, and Monkey Mart.

How to control

Players will use the arrow keys and mouse to play football.