Rio Rex

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Welcome to the Rio Rex game! Your duty is to control a carnivorous dinosaur running around the town and elsewhere and destroying everything.

Background of Rio Rex

No more simple pixel designs like Dinosaur Game or Pixel Dino Run, now you can experience a dinosaur game with an amazing design called Rio Rex. You will have an unprecedented experience with this game.

A giant dinosaur captured from the deep forest is tied up in the air. The anesthetic had worn off and it was opening its eyes. Bite the rope and set yourself free. Destroy everything in its path to show the cruelty of ancient dinosaurs. Are you ready to do that? Use the arrow keys to control the dinosaur's movement like jump, owl, forward, or backward. Besides, you left click to bite everything on the path. In particular, you can activate the fire-breathing ability of dinosaurs by holding down the left mouse button.

Levels in the Rio Rex

There are 12 levels in total in this crazy arcade game. Complete exploration and destruction quests on one level to unlock the next. At each level, you will have a different destruction mission, and the difficulty also increases. That's when humans learned of your existence and started armed with heavy weapons. Will dinosaurs or humans be the winner? This depends on you.