Run 3

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Basic Information

Are you ready to play Run 3, a thrilling fun running game with an endless tunnel? Try to run the farthest distance while avoiding large gaps as an alien. How many points can you get? Let's start this running game and show your abilities!

You will also encounter a tunnel with numerous gaps. To jump high and far, you must hold down the Space key for a while to jump through. You will fall into space if you are unable to do that. Control your character and overcome all challenges to get the highest score.

Run 3 Modes

This game has more modes than Dino Game, Hexa Cars, Naruto Mini Battle 2, and Hexa Cars. You can choose the Adventure mode if you enjoy adventure and exploration. The atmosphere of the tunnel is greatly enhanced by this game mode. The following mode is Endless Mode. In this mode, there is no level, and you will run through an endless tunnel. Each mode will bring you unique experiences.