Sharkosaurus Rampage

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About Sharkosaurus Rampage

What is Sharkosaurus Rampage?

Sharkosaurus Rampage is a video game belonging to a 2D platformer. This game talks about an underground laboratory that specializes in capturing animals for forbidden experiments. Sharkosaurus is a dangerous product of this lab. Play as Sharkosaurus and tear everything down.

Destroy everything

As I mentioned earlier, you will be a shark-dinosaur hybrid which has the mission of tearing things up. The first thing you need to do is bite the control button to get out of the glass cage. Then show those villains your anger. Bite all the objects and eat them all.

The more things you destroy and the more people you kill in the lab, the greater your power. Of course, your score also increases. This experimental building consists of 16 floors corresponding to 16 levels. You will start your destruction journey from the 1st floor which is also the lowest floor of the experimental building. After tearing down all on the 1st floor, you will move to the 2nd floor and continue your quest. This rule is completely similar to the Rio Rex game.

Controls of the game

  • WASD = Move
  • Click the left mouse button = Bite or shoot
  • ESC = Pause the game

Tips and tricks to play the Sharkosaurus Rampage game

  • In the Options section, you can adjust many things including Music, Sound FX, and Blood. In specific, you should notice the Blood part. If you turn on this feature, there will be a bleeding effect when you attack a human.
  • You are encouraged to destroy those with weapons. Kill them first so they can't attack you.
  • Let's notice the number of people you have to destroy in the left corner of the screen. Only when you meet that number, you can proceed to the next level.